Artist Statement

Abterra- The Landscape Re-Seen

The earth that we think is fixed and stable is actually in a state of perpetual give and take.  

My current body of work uses landscape as a conceptional framework to explore the balancing of opposites, particularly that of water and land. My approach to abstraction is largely symbolic: I create shapes and textures that signify either landscape elements or reference geomorphic forces.

These are mixed media artworks. Often the works combine printmaking with drawing and painting, so that the image evolves with echoes of the inherent working process inherent in the image. I combine diverse media in a single image, looking for the ways the inherent qualities of media as diverse as paint, graphite, collage, ink or pastel can be used to complement or mimic one another.  I am more interested in subtle interplay than bold contrast.

My formalist objective is to create a dialogue between allusive representation and the two dimensional dynamics of the picture plane. I strive for a contemplative balance, so that the work has a “living presence” of unity while evoking a specific landscape identity. However, the images can also be deconstructed into self relevant opposing and related formal elements: line, shape, value, texture and color.  These formal elements set up echos of one another: a dialogue between lines and shapes that mimics the dialogue between the forces of weather, geology and time that form our physical world. © Hedy Buzan 2012